Intraoperative Adverse Event (iAE) Grade Calculator


(0 - 5B)

iAE Severity

(I - VI)

Modified Satava

(I - III)

Class Intra

(0 - V)


(1 - 5)


  • Was the iAE associated with death of the patient?
  • Was the iAE immediately life-threatening?
  • Were there significant consequences to the patient as a result of the iAE?
  • Was the incorrect site, side, or surgical approach used without consent?


  • Were there any changes in the ideal intraoperative course related to iAE?
  • Unanticipated conversion of approach or significant change to operative steps of the originally planned procedure due to iAE?
  • Was planned procedure aborted or incomplete due to iAE?
  • Unplanned stoma as a result of iAE?
  • Unplanned tissue or organ removal as a result of iAE?

    iAE Management

  • Was any surgical repair, medical treatment, or other intervention required?
  • Was there a change in post-operative care due to the iAE?
  • Did the iAE or its management necessitate intensive care admission?
  • Was the intraoperative injury missed, necessitating re-operation within 7 days of index procedure?

    Bleeding Related

  • Was blood loss appreciably over normal range for procedure?
  • Were 2 or more units of blood products required to manage iAE?